Recycling Today Rate Card

2021 Print

Frequency Discounts *

Full Page$4,196$3,818$3,474$3,164$2,878$2,618
2/3 Page$3,525$3,207$2,918$2,658$2,418$2,199
1/2 Island$2,925$2,661$2,422$2,205$2,006$1,825
1/2 Standard$2,576$2,344$2,133$1,943$1,767$1,608
1/3 Page$1,725$1,569$1,428$1,300$1,183$1,076
1/4 Page$1,309$1,191$1,084$987$898$817
1/6 Page$852$775$705$642$584$532
Brand Vision$8,664    
Ask the Expert$6,663    

2nd Cover$5,153$4,653$4,200$3,793
3rd Cover$4,730$4,272$3,855$3,482
4th Cover$5,679$5,128$4,628$4,179
Color Charges* 
Single Page
1x2x or Greater
Standard two-color, extra
Matched Color, extra
Matched Metallic Color
Four-color process, extra

Standard two-color, extra$575$445
Matched Color, extra$710$580
Matched Metallic Color$860$650
Four-color process, extra$1,550$1,270

*Frequency discounts are earned within 12 consecutive months by advertising in any combination of Recycling Today, Construction & Demolition Recycling, Waste Today, directories, buyers’ guides and other GIE Media titles.

Mechanical Requirements: Saddle stitch, three columns to a page. Paper stock: machine coated, 50-lb. recycled body with 100-lb. cover. Colors available: matched, 4-color process (AAAA-MPA). Trim size 7-7 / 8" x 10-1 / 2."

Digital Files, Specifications for Print and Mailing Instructions: The preferred file format for all print advertising is high-res, press-ready .pdf, .tif, .jpg and .eps. Ads can be submitted via FTP upload. Progressive proofs or color keys required on all 4C advertising. Ship all advertising artwork, insertion orders, contracts and copy instructions for printed ads to: Recycling Today, 5811 Canal Rd., Valley View, Ohio 44125. For information, contact Katie Morbeto at 216-393-0282 or at

Non-Bleed Ad Sizes

Full Page
2/3 Page4 1/2"10"
1/2 Page Island4 1/2"7 1/2"
1/2 Page Horizontal7"4 7/8"
1/2 Page Vertical3 3/8"10"
1/3 Page Square4 1/2"4 7/8"
1/3 Page Vertical2 3/16"10"
1/4 Page Square3 3/8"4 7/8"
1/6 Page Vertical
2 3/16"4 7/8"


Bleed Ad Sizes

8 1/8"10 3/4"
    Trim Area
7 7/8"10 1/2"
    Live Area
Spread16"10 3/4"
    Trim Area
15 3/4"10 1/2"
    Live Area

On all bleed advertisements allow 3 / 8" from any trim edge for live or type matter. Add 1 / 8" to gutter for each page on spread ads. Supply ruled proof showing crop line. Bleed ads are available at no extra charge.

We offer leaderboard, cube, super cube and lightbox ads on our site. The cube ad position offers 20 equally rotating spots per month, while the more exclusive leaderboard offers 10 equally rotating spots per month. Advertisers may invest in as many of these individual spots as they wish. Our e-newsletters offer a leaderboard, cube and text ads and up to three banner ads. Rates are per insertion.

Website Ads
PixelsCost/MonthView Ad Unit
Leaderboard Ad
$1,365Cube Ad
Medium Rectangle300x250$1,119Leaderboard Ad
Half Page Ad
$1,958Half-Page Ad
Lightbox Ad
500x500$4,006Lightbox Ad
Wallpaper Ad

Medium Rectangle Ad300x250$1,258$1,122$975$860
Banner Ad468x60$1,094$976$848$749
Leaderboard Ad728x90$1,409$1,257$1,092$964
Text Ad360x180$1,617$1,442$1,253$1,106

Project Showcase$1,970
Video Reports$1,950
Supplier Spotlight$2,289
Industry Update$2,307

Digital File Specifications for Web Advertisements: The preferred file formats for all Internet ads are .gif, .jpg, and html5. Please email all artwork, copy instructions, insertion orders, contracts and plans to Katie Morbeto at or call 216-393-0282 for more information. Max file size: 100k.


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